St. Paul's Cathedral Ahoada
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Pa. Mark Echikwa (Late), Micheal Ulauduma Aliegbe (Late), Tom Sokari (Late),

Eze C.U Ideozu (Late), Chief (Mrs.) D. O. Ideozu (Late), Reuben Francis Egbe,

Sir W.D. Ideozu (Late), Chief Ewidhiwo Ideozu (Late), Mrs. Margret Ideozu (Late), Dame Patience Ideozu, Godpower Simeon, Chief Micah Amakiri,

Charles Obushi (JP), Nkechi Obushi, Mrs. Mercy Egbe, Mrs. Comfort Okoroba, Mrs. Ego Ishikaku, Sir (Engr.) Victor E. Echikwa, Dame Irene Echikwa, Dame Beatrice Echikwa and others.

The receipt or embrace of Christanity in the late 19th Century started showing evidence of the power in the word of God toward the last quarter of the century. Because of the entrance of the word of God light has entered the community Ehuda (Ahoada) and our eyes are enlightened. The first lawyer of Ekpeye land was a product of St. Paul's church. He was late Barr. E.E. Ihua Mmadu-Enyi. There was another product of St. Paul's church. Late educationist Benson I. Edima. The 1st Eze of Ehuda (Ahoada) His Royal Highness Eze F.F.I. Okoroba, a retired Commissioner of revenue in the former Eastern Nigeria Government was a product of St. Paul's church Ahoada. Chief E. Ideozu retired Regional Engineer Nigeria Railway Corporation was a product of St. Paul's church Ehuda (Ahoada). The 2nd Eze Ehuda late C. U. Ideozu was also a product of St. Paul's N.D.D. church Ehuda (Ahoada). The present Eze Ehuda the 3rd Eze P.C. Ihua Maduenyi is also a product of St. Paul's church Ehuda (Ahoada).

The church has also given birth to four other churches in Ahoada. These are the church of Holy Spirit Edebele, Bethel Missionary Church Nwekwuya, All Saints Church Adhiagri and Missionary Anglican Church Cohisa by-pass. It will be a disservice if we do not appreciate the Philanthropic roles, some families and the Igbus and individuals played to sustain the church through these years.


In particular the Echikwa families are commended for their selfless service to God through the church in many ways. Also, the Ihua-Madu-Enyi families are remembered for their encouragement to the church in many ways.

The Ideozu families are remembered for their commitment to the work of God. The people of Igbu-Oshi the people of Odiemelu and the Igbu-Ogbo are remembered here. The visiting members are also remembered for their commitment to the service of God. To God be the Glory!


The First Indigenous Church Agent was one Mr. James Ukadhigbe Alake from Igbu-Oshi quarters of Ehuda (Ahoada). These are the names of the indigenous Clergy men past and present:

  1. Venerable Archdeacon, Chukwudi Nkemdirim Apia (late)
  2. Venerable Archdeacon, Mathias Okpara Aliegbe
  3. Venerable Archdeacon, Reuben Francis Egbe
  4. Rev. Godpower Simeon
  5. Rev. Richmond Uwayimesor Ideozu
  6. Rev. Can. Umegbewe Eugene Jerome    




  1. Tom Sokari                          1966-1968
  2. Chief/Mrs. Dorathy Ideozu   1971-1980
  3. Reuben Francis Egbe          1981-1995
  4. Godpower Simeon               1996-2000
  5. Patience Ideozu                   2000-2002
  6. Ikechukwu Frank Ajieke       2002-2003
  7. Ego Ishikaku -                      2003-2004
  8. Patience Ideozu -                 2004-2009
  9. Dame Daughter Ajieke -       2010-date