St. Paul's Cathedral Ahoada
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About Us -  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!     

As the Cathedral for the Ahoada Diocese, a leading Evangelical Crusader in the area, St. Paul's Cathedral Ahoada not only provides family church services, we also take pride in offering the best care facilities for the less privileged and widows/widowers for welfare purposes.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our members each and every day. Home visitations are carried out and educational programs developed for all ages within the church family.

Christianity spread to Ekpeye land via the Kalabari Boat Traders and was established in Ahoada in 1900. St. Paul's Church Ahoada had existed since 1910s and became a lunch pad for the spread of Christianity in the area.

The current Cathedral Building is now too small for the much increased membership of the church and those who worship there. There is therefore, the need to have a new and modern cathedral built.

The year 2015 is the 111st anniversary of the church in Ahoada. The members wish to use this opportunity to Thank God for his Goodness and mercies in Ekpeyeland and also to raise funds to help with huge cost of building a new ultra modern St. Paul's Cathedral Ahoada.



1. The full history of St. Paul's Church - now St. Paul's Cathedral, Ahoada is attached as a link. Please feel free to download parts 1 and 2.

2. The photograph of the Bishop and his brief Biography is also attached as a link. 

3. In formation regarding the originators of St. Paul's Church Building can be found in    the Church history.

4.  How Funds Raised in the Church are Disbursed or Used:

1. Payment of Clergy salaries

2. Payment of Yardman, Sexton, Organist salaries

3. Disbursed to other less privileged people in the society/community.

4. Payment of Diocesan quotas and other levies.

5. Funding of various Church projects.

5. Achievements of St. Paul's Church, now St. Paul's Cathedral:

a. Building of a Nursery/Primary school in 1925 known as St. Paul's school at Ahoada  

    main town.

b. The building of a maternity home in St. Paul's Church Compound to take care of     pregnant women. 

c.  The opening of a domestic centre where young ladies were
trained to sew, cook, to care for their homes, etc.

d.  Building of a Vicarage, the first of it's kind in the whole area then. The building which started in the mid 1940s was completed and dedicated in the year, 1951.

e. The Church became a Diocesan Headquarters in 2004, with the
renovation of the old St
Paul's Church, Ahoada to serve as

f.  Since the year 2004, the Cathedral has embarked on the
foliowing projects:

 i. Building of a one story Parsonage with 3 (three) flats to house three Cathedral Priests. The building is nearing completion and will be dedicated by the Lord Bishop in April, this year 2015 during Easter.

ii.   Acquisition of 7 (seven) plots of land for projects. Half payment
of the cost made already .

iii.  Plans are on the way to start the building of a new Cathedral in
the year 2015.